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Our range of chainsaws include petrol powered and a battery-powered Snapper chainsaw with varying blade lengths to choose from. Feature packed, hard-wearing and well balanced our chainsaws will make any job safer and easier.

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Braces Rocwood

Rocwood Braces

RRP: €17.99
Logger gloves

SIP Chainsaw Logger working glove

RRP: €20.00
Chainsaw Safety Gloves Rocwood

Rocwood Safety gloves

RRP: €22.00
Chainsaw helmet Rocwood

Rocwood Helmet

RRP: €28.00

SIP BasePro Chainsaw glove class 1 both hands

RRP: €32.00
Chainsaw Basic Protection Bundle Rocwood

Buy Chainsaw helmet and safety gloves from Rocwood with a special price.

RRP: €50.00

Special Offer: €42.50

PRO Chainsaw helmet Rocwood

Rocwood PRO Helmet

RRP: €45.00
SIP Base-Pro Chainsaw Trousers

SIP BasePro Chainsaw Trousers (Class 1, Type A)

RRP: €80.00

Special Offer: €70.00


SIP Chainsaw Helmet

RRP: €70.00
SIP bib

SIP BasePro Chainsaw Bib (Braces, Class 1 type A)

RRP: €85.00

SIP BasePro Chainsaw chaps class 1 type A

RRP: €90.00

SIP BasePro Chainsaw welly class 3

RRP: €100.00
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