Garden Machinery
Garden Machinery


Ideal for keeping outdoor areas of the home and public areas free from fallen leaves, grass clippings and general garden debris. Our range includes handheld and backpack models.

Blower Snapper

Get the machine and the batteries

Price On Request
Leaf Blower Snapper XD (Tool Only)

Snapper XD, 82v, Battery Powered Leaf Blower

RRP: €205.00
Tanaka Handheld Petrol Leaf Blower 27cc

Tanaka Blower 27cc hand held blower with a max air volume of 720 m3/h

RRP: €307.50
Tanaka 24cc Hand-held Petrol Blower

Tanaka Blower 24cc Hand Held Leaf Blower with a max air volume of 660 m3/h.

RRP: €332.10