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Chain saws

Chain Saws Buying Guide

Our range of chainsaws include petrol powered and a battery powered Snapper chainsaw with varying blade lengths to choose from. Feature packed, hard-wearing and well balanced our chainsaws will make any job safer and easier.

Snapper BRSC82 XD Rapid Charging Station

Snapper XD Rapid Charging Station

RRP: €99.00
Snapper BSB2AH82 XD 2Ah Li-Ion Battery

Snapper 82V 2Ah Li-Ion Battery

RRP: €179.00
Snapper SXDC82 XD Chain Saw (Tool Only)

Snapper XD, 82v, Battery Powered Chain Saw

RRP: €279.00

Special Offer: €269.00

Snapper BSB4AH82 XD 4Ah Li-Ion Battery

Snapper 82V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery

RRP: €329.00
Tanaka TCS 3301S Top Handle Chain saw

Tanaka Chainsaw 33cc with 300mm guide bar

RRP: €399.75

Special Offer: €369.00

Tanaka TCS 33EDP Petrol Chain Saw

Tanaka Chain saw 32cc with 38cm guide bar

RRP: €461.25

Special Offer: €399.00

Tanaka TCS 51EAP Petrol Chain Saw

Tanaka Chainsaw 50cc with 45cm guide bar

RRP: €762.60

Special Offer: €669.00