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Blower Buyers Guide

With a blower, you can do much more than just move leaves: you can also clean up debris, grass clippings, hedge clippings etc.

If you are unsure about what type of blower you need for your garden, then a good place to start is to ask yourself some questions:

  • How big is your garden?
  • How much power do you need?
  • How heavy is the blower?


To help you pick the right blower for you check out the short descriptions of the type of models we stock below

Hand Held Garden Blowers

Ideal for clearing leaves from paths, patio areas, lawns and driveways in your home. Our petrol hand held blowers are powerful with 24 cc engines yet light-weight. They are also well balanced which is important as you need to be able to direct the blower easily. It is also possible to attach a vacuum kit to some hand held models allowing leaves to be collected.

Back Pack Blowers

Back pack leaf blowers are more powerful than hand held garden blowers and are ideal for clearing up large areas of leaves and other lawn debris. The engines are more powerful and are carried on your back making it easier and more comfortable to work for long periods of time. Ideal for very large homes, semi-professional and professional users.

Battery Powered Blowers

Battery powered blowers are ideal if you want the convenience of electric power without the hassle of a cord! Our model has a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, emits low noise and emissions and is quick-charging with good run times. 

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